5 thoughts on “WhatsApp Sharing Button for Jetpack

  1. Manel M. Responder

    Important to read your FAQ:

    “I do not see the button on my page, though I see other social networks.
    The icon of WhatsApp only appears on smartphones and tablets devices.”


  2. topfind Responder

    Notification of Donation and FAQ dosent go away on pages in the Admit-Area at change or reload. How to disable the Notofications?

    1. Valério Souza Responder

      Please, use a support plugin in WordPress.org

      1. topfind Responder


  3. Alexandre Felipe Silva Do Nascimento Responder

    Coloquei o botão em meu site atraves do painel Jetpack,so que ele apareceu nas duas versão mobile e desktop.
    Quero que ele apareça somente no mobile! obrigado

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